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The traveler is on the way
the sense of his walk,
the traces that lead
direct, to the center of your heart.
We will have to keep walking
and that the inclement weather,
the continuous swings of the road
and fatigue do not prevent us from enjoying the trip.


The traveler loves you in every corner
of the road, enjoy its nooks of your smile.
Enjoy the wishes.
The traveler draws you in the air
of the journey, play with the dry leaves
of the ground, with your lips.
Play with dreams.
The traveler writes at some point
of the journey, its footprints on earth
"Today is always still", and the time
and poetry are diluted between your fingers.
The smiling traveler looks you in the eye and loves you.
The traveler knows how to enjoy the moment with you.
He knows the importance of the road without absence.


Nombre: José Luis 

Ciudad: IBIZA

 Idiomas: Español, inglés.

TLF: +34 660115206  
My favorite motto: Carpe diem - Enjoy the here and now!

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